APARTMENT Price per night per 2 people Extra charge for a child over 3 years / adult Extra charge for one night stay
pon. – czw. pt. – pon.
FIR TREE 500 zł 550 zł 60 zł / – 100 zł
HORNBEAM 550 zł 600 zł 70 zł / 100 zł 100 zł
PINE 550 zł 600 zł 100 zł
THUYA 650 zł 700 zł 100 zł
FIFTH 650 zł 700 zł 100 zł / 150 zł 100 zł

* The price list is valid for reservations in 2023. For reservations in 2024 and 2025, the daily rates are higher by 100 PLN and 200 PLN respectively, regardless of the chosen apartment. There is an additional charge of 100 PLN per day for a child over 3 years old, regardless of the chosen apartment.

SPORT EQUIPMENT Price per one day
bike for adults premium (SCOTT – date of production 2020 and 2021) 100 zł
bike for adults standard 70 zł
premium youth bike (SCOTT) 100 zł
children’s bike (classic and cross-country) 50 zł
SCOTT premium bike with a THULE trailer for up to two small children (up to 4 years old). 200 zł
  • payment of the remaining amount for the stay is made by bank transfer, 7 days before the planned date of stay
  • PINE and THUYA can accomodate max. 2 adults, HORNBEAM (with some restrictions) 3 adults, but in FIFTH you can comfortably live in up to 4 adults
  • The FIR and HORNBEAM Apartments are suitable for 2 adults and 2 children, THE FIFTH can accomodate a fairly large family 2+4.
  • The prices in the table are for a minimum two day stay. In the case of a one night booking, there is an extra charge of PLN 100.00 per apartment.
  • The price remains unchanged in the case of a single person stay.
  • Bank holiday or public holiday bookings are charged as in the ‘Friday-Monday stay’ option.


  • accommodation in one of our dream-like apartments
  • peace of mind and complacency in an unmatched natural surrounding a few metres above the ground
  • breakfasts you have always dreamt of and delivered in a picnic basket to your doorstep every morning
  • spectacular views of the most beautiful Nałęczow ravines
  • close vicinity of birds, squirrels and other tree fauna
  • breath-taking Nałęczow air with its curative properties
  • access to an extraordinary selection of books which read a few metres above the ground add extra value and exquisite pleasure
  • not so out of this world but mandatory resort fee
  • access to wi-fi to everyone who wishes to update their friends on their stay in W DRZEWACH on Facebooku
  • free car park (all the means of transport are welcome including roller blades, bicycles, sledges, skis, skates, para-glides and hot-air balloons)