The FIFTH one is different. In W DRZEWACH, “different” means neither worse or better. It is simply different, and it is our fifth. Actually, we kept talking for a long time of yet another structure that would give us an opportunity to welcome our Guests in a very comfortable environment. In our mind’s eyes, we also saw another relaxation space filled with magic for those who visit us here. This is how our cosy office was established where we can enjoy a cup of coffee together, and on its roof we set our fifth house. The whole structure is the fruit of our experience gained by running W DRZEWACH as well as that that comes from our own life as family members, partners, and spouses. We have created a place that meets the needs of our Guests and ours alike.

Creating a cosy recreational space is a real challenge. The key point was to ensure that the magic of the place and its cosiness are retained. Equally challenging was to highlight the distinctness of the place and, at the same time, its inherent link with the spirit of the whole place, set amidst the trees. The rustling sound of leaves is interlaced with the trill of birds, and the dominant colours include all shades of green, ginger, yellow, and brown. You will find ample and comfortable space for recreation, quite a unique sauna, which you all adore so much, and huge hammock just behind the huge window pane promising blissful idleness or a comfy place to catch up with your reading backlog. There is also aromatic coffee, a freshly baked cake, and a basket with goodies delivered to your door every morning. If you need to get away from it all, the garden and the surrounding forest is a perfect hiding place. It is just different, yet, it strikes a familiar cord….

Fifth apartment is equipped with:

  • a bathroom with a toilet, shower cabin, towels, and a hair dryer
  • dry and infrared saunas offering music and aromatherapy for absolute relaxation irrespective of the season
  • an enormous bed in which you can sleep along, across or diagonally, on your own or with a few people
  • a gigantic hammock equipped with soft cushions and located just outside the large window pane
  • a wardrobe
  • a worktop with a kettle and a coffee maker
  • a fridge
  • a tree house must-have featuring a bookshelf with good books; tree leaves rustling and birds singing will surely help
  • you rediscover your favourite authors
  • a pair of fine binoculars and bird atlases will help you identify birds with yellow beaks or those with red caps
  • an array of board games for lazy mornings and long evenings
  • a set of wooden bricks (IMPORTANT! building wooden structures can be addictive!).
  • a magic box that keeps the right temperature in winter and in summer
  • blankets, pillows, cushions, all in warm colours …

Fifth apartment in numbers

  • distance from the ground: 3.5 m and 6 m (mezzanine)
  • percentage of glazed walls overlooking the forest, trees and birds: 50%
  • size of the enormous bed on the mezzanine: 6m2
  • size of the hammock facing the single window pane: 14 m2
  • set of wooden bricks: 1000 pcs
  • maximum occupancy: 2adults + 3 children or 4 adults



APARTMENT Price per night per 2 people Extra charge for a child over 3 years / adult Extra charge for one night stay
Monday – Thursday Friday – Monday
FIR TREE 600 zł 650 zł 100 zł / – 100 zł
HORNBEAM 650 zł 700 zł 100 zł / 150 zł 100 zł
PINE 650 zł 700 zł 100 zł
THUYA 750 zł 800 zł 100 zł
FIFTH 750 zł 800 zł 100 zł / 150 zł 100 zł

* The price list applies to reservations for the year 2024. For reservations in 2025, the nightly rates are higher by 100 PLN, regardless of the chosen apartment. Supplementary charges for children and additional adults remain unchanged. The surcharge for one-day stays in 2024 is 150 PLN.

  • PINE and THUYA can accomodate max. 2 adults, HORNBEAM (with some restrictions) 3 adults, but in FIFTH you can comfortably live in up to 4 adults
  • The FIR and HORNBEAM Apartments are suitable for 2 adults and 2 children, THE FIFTH can accomodate a fairly large family 2+4.
  • The prices in the table are for a minimum two day stay. In the case of a one night booking, there is an extra charge of PLN 100.00 per apartment.
  • The price remains unchanged in the case of a single person stay.
  • Bank holiday or public holiday bookings are charged as in the ‘Friday-Monday stay’ option.


  • accommodation in one of our dream-like apartments
  • peace of mind and complacency in an unmatched natural surrounding a few metres above the ground
  • breakfasts you have always dreamt of and delivered in a picnic basket to your doorstep every morning
  • spectacular views of the most beautiful Nałęczow ravines
  • close vicinity of birds, squirrels and other tree fauna
  • breath-taking Nałęczow air with its curative properties
  • access to an extraordinary selection of books which read a few metres above the ground add extra value and exquisite pleasure
  • not so out of this world but mandatory resort fee
  • access to wi-fi to everyone who wishes to update their friends on their stay in W DRZEWACH on Facebooku
  • free car park (all the means of transport are welcome including roller blades, bicycles, sledges, skis, skates, para-glides and hot-air balloons)